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Road to Halo 3: Halo 3 facts!

The Numbers

· “Halo®” and “Halo 2” have sold more than 14.8 million copies worldwide (Xbox® and PC versions). It’s expected that by the end of the year fans will have spent more than $1 billion on the “Halo” franchise.

· The “Halo 2” release on Nov. 9, 2004, set entertainment history by generating $125 million in U.S. sales in its first 24 hours. The launch of “Halo 3” on Sept. 25, 2007, is expected to once again set entertainment sales records by selling more in the U.S. on day one than any movie in history (the current record is held by “Spider-Man 3” at $151 million) and selling more in its first week than any album.

· “Halo 3” is the most anticipated game in video game history, and pre-sell numbers showcase the excitement, reaching 1 million in the United States alone in late July, two months before the launch.

· More than 10,000 retail stores across the United States will be open at midnight on Sept. 25 to ensure that fans receive “Halo 3” hot off the shelves. Managers at workplaces worldwide expect a higher than usual number of absentees in the days following the launch.

The Xbox LIVE Numbers

· The “Halo 3” multiplayer beta, which ran for three weeks in May 2007, attracted more than 820,000 unique participants from 25 countries around the world and became the biggest console beta of all time.

· Participants in the multiplayer beta logged more than 12 million hours of online gameplay. That’s the equivalent of 1,400 years of continuous play by a single person. They downloaded more than 350 terabytes of data, equivalent to more than 82 million digital song downloads with an average size of 4 MB.

· Of the 7 million members on Xbox LIVE®, the largest social network on TV, more than 5.5 million have played “Halo 2.”

· Nearly three years after the release of “Halo 2,” more than 300,000 unique gamers continue to log on to Xbox LIVE every day to play it.

The Facts

· Master Chief, the hero character of the “Halo” franchise, is one of the most recognizable characters in video games. He recently joined heroes of television and film as the first videogame character to be immortalized in Madame Tussauds’ 250-year history.

· “Halo 3” will be released around the globe as follows:

Sept. 25: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States
Sept. 26: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom
Sept. 27: Japan
· Owing to its worldwide popularity, “Halo 3” will be available in 17 languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish (Iberian and Latin American), Swedish and Traditional Chinese.

· “Halo 3” has more audio than 20 feature films combined, including the following:

39,000 lines of dialogue
13,000 sound effects
Music totaling six hours of continuous play
· The music of the “Halo” series has garnered numerous audio awards around the world, including the 2004 Console Game of the Year from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, the Game Developers Choice Awards and Rolling Stone magazine’s award for best game soundtrack.

· Inspiration for the environments in “Halo 3”came from a variety of sources, such as French cathedrals Chartres, Metz and Reims; a Wallace Stevens poem titled “The Snow Man”; and the sketches and watercolors of artist David Roberts.

· “Halo 3” development began in 2004, and the title took 120 full-time employees (double the number that developed “Halo 2”) and an army of contractors over 1 million person-hours to create. The Bungie Studios team spans a broad range of talent, including architects, engineers, journalists, artists and videographers.

· The Bungie Studios team consumed more than 20,000 pounds of pizza, 24,000 gallons of soda and more than a half ton of bananas during the three years it took to develop “Halo 3.”

The Partners

· The “Halo” franchise has spawned numerous licensed products such as action figures, soundtracks, graphic novels, collectible figurines, apparel, costumes and a comic book series. The licensed merchandise for “Halo” has brought in three times more revenue than all merchandise sold to date for the Harry Potter franchise.

· “The Official Halo 2 Guide: Strategy Evolved” had day-one sell-through of 270,000 copies, the second-best launch day for Random House Inc. next to Bill Clinton’s “My Life.”

· Bungie’s “Halo Graphic Novel” was one of Marvel Comic’s top-selling graphic novels in 2006 — amongst a field of “Amazing Spider-Man,” “X-Men” and a number of other Marvel properties.

· Two of the four “Halo” novels made the New York Times’ best-seller list, and are the top-selling video game novels of all time.

· Academy Award-winning director, screenwriter and producer Peter Jackson has partnered with Bungie Studios to extend the “Halo” franchise by co-writing, co-designing and co-producing an interactive entertainment experience exclusively for Xbox 360.

The Awards

The “Halo” franchise has received critical acclaim worldwide. “Halo,” “Halo 2” and “Halo 3” have received more than 235 awards from media and industry organizations in the United States alone.
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Road to Halo 3: Mario Paint plays Halo theme

Og lige mens vi venter på Halo 3:

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Road to Halo 3: The first sighting ever

Featuring Steve Jobs himself:

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Road to Halo 3: The first edition of Halo

Så er der dømt optakt til Halo 3, da der kun er lidt over 2 uger til vi kan få vores fedtede fingre på spillet. Så i den kommende stykke tid vil den stå på Halo i min blog og jeg synes vi skal starte ud med en video som viser hvordan Halo så ud før det blev til det spil vi kender i dag:

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Sjov med spil fysik

Legede lige lidt med Garrys mod i Half-Life 2:

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Logitech Harmony 525 og King Kong

Nu fik jeg endeligt købt mig en ny fjernbetjeningog det blev en Logitech Harmony 525. Den kommer i en rigtig dum plastic indpakning som er næten umulig at få pakket op, men når man kommer ind til selve pakken er der en solid fjernbetjening at finde. Der er 1 stk fjernbetjening, 8 batterier, driver cd, manualer og da det var en lidt ældre pakning, var der også filmen King Kong at finde.

Fjernbetjeningen føles meget solid og god at have i hånden, da den har en ganske god vægt. Den bliver også belyst med blåt lys og har en skærm på toppen, hvilket er ganske anvendeligt. Til trods for at mange anmeldelser har sagt at den var svær at sætte op, så fik jeg det hele oppe at køre på ca 15 min. Jeg kan styre min Xbox 360, Logitech Z-5500 og Mirai TV fra den, hvilket er en fryd.

Det er utroligt let at skifte imellem de forskellige enheder og den understøtter stort set alle udbredte fabrikører af A/V udstyr som er styret af en almindelig fjernbetjening. Alt i alt virker det som et super køb og er endeligt fri for at skulle baske igennem besværet med at skifte imellem fjernbetjeningerne.

Da King Kong jo som sagt var med i pakken skulle den da ses og jeg er improneret over den visuelle kvalitet af denne DVD. Opskaleringsmulighederne som Xbox 360 tilbyder via VGA gør virkeligt filmen værd at se, da det ligner HD kvalitet. Se evt billedet jeg tog for eksempel af den ekstremt gode visuelle præsentation.

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