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07-01-2007 - 00:07

Rumor Murder: PS3 with no Blu-ray



 En lille artikel jeg faldt over på nettet. Jeg havde hørt om det for lang tid siden, og nu er der endelig nogen der har taget det op...


We were trying to ignore this rumor driving article about a PS3 without Blu-ray, but we continue to receive tips about it. So, it's time for simple Joystiq equation time: PlayStation 3 - Blu-ray = Not PlayStation 3.

The games are now, and for the foreseeable future, on Blu-ray discs. If the Blu-ray tech was taken out all the games produced wouldn't work. Has the Blu-ray format caused issues for Sony? You better believe it! But the idea of a non-Blu-ray PS3 is unbelievable ludicrous insane unlikely. It would contradict Sony's entire marketing campaign and it would hurt the success of the Blu-ray media format -- and, just for a bit more emphasis, none of the PS3 games would work. In time, the Blu-ray production issues will work themselves out, the technology will become cheaper to produce and we'll eventually see a PS3 price drop. PlayStation 3 is Blu-ray and Blu-ray is PlayStation 3.














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