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21-08-2009 - 13:44

Symbolsk? Niarn er skudt i hovedet.
Tja.. Jeg ved ikke helt, hvordan jeg skal tolke det, men jeg tager det bare som et vink med en vognstang.
01-08-2009 - 12:01

Jeg er Xbox LIVE update deltager.

Det bliver spændende.

Welcome to the Xbox LIVE Preview on Connect!

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to the 2009 Xbox LIVE Update Preview. 
Welcome, and we are glad that you are on board!

When will you receive the update?
We are working on the final touches for the update. You will receive a notification by email when the update is available.

How long is the Preview?
The Preview will continue until the public release of the update.

WARNING: Do NOT remove your hard drive and place it on another console! 
This will cause non registered consoles to be unable to connect to Xbox LIVE until we release the update!

Features List
A list of new features for the Preview is available here: Features FAQ.

Contact Support/CSS Info
Xbox customer support will provide assistance to Preview users. When contacting support, please indicate that you are a Preview user. Support can be reached at

Correct your registered console ID
If you need to update your console ID for any reason, please do so by completing the following form: Correct your Console ID

Forum access
If you are unable to access the Preview forums at, please complete the following form: 
Forum Access Request

Terms of Use 
Terms of Participation: By accepting these terms and participating in the Xbox LIVE Update Preview (the “Preview Program”) you acknowledge your compliance with these terms. Specifically, you acknowledge that due to the unique nature of pre-release software update programs, there is a risk that this software update may impair your console’s functionality or even render it inoperable. Consoles registered with the Preview Program are the only consoles that will be allowed into the Preview Program. If you update another console with the build, then that console will be unable to connect to Xbox LIVE until the official release is delivered to the public. During the Preview, we will provide a discussion group and Customer Support will also be available (via to address any issue expeditiously. If your console software crashes, we will be collecting information directly from your console. This information will be treated as described in the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use.


Microsoft respects your privacy. Please read our online Privacy Statement.

You are receiving this email because you are a participant in a Microsoft Connect beta program. You can end your participation in a program at any time by visitingYour Dashboard ( page and choosing "End Your Participation" for that program. If you have signed up to be contacted about participating in new Microsoft Connect programs, surveys, and events, you will continue to receive those communications unless you unsubscribe by going to Your Profile ( To set your contact preferences for other Microsoft communications, see the communications preferences section of the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to no longer to be contacted by Microsoft Connect, send an email to with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line and we will unregister from Microsoft Connect all up. This is an unmonitored e-mail address, so do not reply to this message.

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