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15-12-2007 - 17:41

Jackass 2.5 Gratis


Et mindre heads-up til de Jackass fans derude!

Et lille news snip;

"In one of the most bizarre agreements I have yet reported on, the makers of Jackass 1 and 2 have agreed to team up with Microsoft to release JACKASS 2.5, for free, using the Software giant's Silverlight technology. On December 19th (through December 31st), Viacom Incorporated and Blockbuster will premiere the first-ever, studio-backed feature streamed movie in its entirety online. Just like the previous ones, this movie will include stunts and pranks which will only result in you spending hours convincing your friends they aren’t safe to try at home. If you’re interested (and are 17 or older), or you just don’t want have to buy it (for the kids) later, head over to this Wednesday (time unknown as of this newspost). It's all so clear now - this is how Microsoft plans to push Silverlight!"

( Sakset fra )

Så fra d. 19 December t.o.m d. 31 kan du se Jackass 2.5 Filmen på gratis!



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