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27-03-2012 - 06:20

Darth Ionaas

Følgende er en historie brugt i en konkurrence:

Deep beneath the halls of the Jedi Academy, in a dark and foreboding maze of tunnels, our young padawan slowly crept around. The incessant voice of her master resonating in her head: "Dethona, you must find him, you must reach him in time." Sweat dripped from her brow as the darkness grew around her. Her hands followed the walls to guide her as she pressed forward. Towards the muffled sound of a heartbeat.

The darkness had completely engulfed her and she drew her training saber. The clear light emanating from the weapon painted the walls a light shade of blue. The roots hanging from the ceiling cast long shadows into the narrow tunnels. The heartbeat grew stronger as she progressed.

Dethona suddenly found herself at an impasse. A solid wall of stone blocked her path and she grew disheartened. She turned around and started making her way back, when she noticed a faint outline on the tunnel wall. There was light behind her. Light from the solid wall. She deactivated her saber and the faint light source became clearer. She turned towards the solid stone wall and summoned all the focus and concentration she could muster. She pushed her hands forward and felt the power of the Force streaming down her arms into her hands. With a burst of strength, the wall disintegrated in a cloud of smoke and dust.

The light, once so faint, now blinded her and her eyes had trouble adjusting. But the heartbeat was so clear and pounding, that she had no doubt: she had found his resting place. With her saber once again at the ready, she slowly entered the large cavern beyond the now pulverized wall. An ominous light from an unknown source guided her toward the target: A kneeling silhouette in the middle of the room. As she approached him, he started to rise to his feet. He was taller than she had imagined.

Standing not ten feet from him, Dethona stopped. The ominous character began to speak:
- Welcome, young padawan. The Force has led you here, as it was once foretold. You are indeed strong, but you are no match for the power of the dark side.

Dethona responded, her voice quivering slightly:
- The dark side shall never prevail, Darth Ionaas. The Golden Coffer belongs to the Jedi. You will relinquish it or perish at my hands.

Ionaas started laughing as he drew his saber. The bright red light filled the room as he replied:
- Then perish I must, for the Coffer is mine.

He suddenly lunged forward with lightning speed and Dethona felt the searing heat from his sabre as it rushed past her face, barely grazing her cheek. Surprised at the speed of his attack, she was dazed at first, but quickly regained her composure and adeptly blocked the following attacks with her saber. The room was alight with hues of red and blue as they battled ferociously. With a swift move Darth Ionaas spun around to block an attack and threw his hand towards the wall. A large boulder followed the sweeping motion of his hand and hurdled towards Dethona. With not a moment to spare, she dropped to the ground and felt the boulder rush past her. She flinched as the powerful red saber pierced the ground next to her head and she immediately jumped to her feet. With a swift kick, she knocked Ionaas' hand from the hilt and left him without a weapon. His eyes opened wide, filled with surprise as she plunged her light saber through his abdomen. They both stalled for a while, before Darth Ionaas slowly knelt before her.

As he fell to the ground, Dethona heard the voice of her master once again:
- Well done, my young apprentice. You have shown that you have indeed conquered your fears and mastered the ways of the Force. Return to the Academy. We're departing soon. The Golden Coffer shall be ours once again...

Håber I nød at læse min lille historie. Jeg tager gerne mod kritik, selvom jeg sikkert ikke retter mig efter den :D
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