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10-05-2008 - 21:07

Big Failure (COD 5)

Så dummede de sig rigtig godt... COD 5 bliver ****** endnu et WW2 spil -.-

"Very little is known so far about the Call of Duty 5, though today's announcement of the title making a Wii appearance was joined by the revelation that the series (for now, anyway) will return to World War II, but to keep things fresh, events will take place in "a new military theater". As the franchise has covered North Africa and all three European fronts, anyone wanting to shoot Japanese soldiers will be in luck - while Burma is possible, the American's were never (directly) involved, so the Pacific is the more likely outcome. Oh, and Call of Duty 3, the previous Treyarch entry into the series, saw the player take control of a Canadian and a Pole for portions of the game, a return of "overlooked" troops is likely. My money is on Anzacs. Lots of Anzacs."

Om det nye tiltag til WW2 som de har tænkt sig at lave (Læs det med fed skrift) bliver noget "stort" ved jeg ik, men synes godt nok de har dummede sig med at lave endnu et WW2 spil efter det populære/fede miljø som der var i COD 4.
Del denne artikel:
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