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18-02-2007 - 22:00

Engelsk stil...

Sad og skrev engelsk stil i nat, så den får i lige lov til at læse:


I was walking along the road at midnight, when I saw something lying on the ground about twenty meters away from me. It looked like a person, but I was not sure, so I walked over to the thing lying at the ground. It was a little boy, probably ten years old, just lying on the ground, not moving. But what had happened to him? There were nobody around. I called 911 as fast as I could.
An ambulance and some policecars showed up.
A doctor came over to me and asked: "What has happened here?"
"I do not know, doctor. I just came here. I called 911 as soon as I saw the boy lying on the ground."
"Are you sure? You did not see anyone here, when you came?"
"No, I was on my way home from one of my buddies birthday, and when I got here, I saw nobody."
A younger doctor, who was sitting by the boy said: "Doc, he has got no pulse. We have to get him to the emercencyroom quickly!"
"No time to waste! Get him in the ambulance!"
The ambulance drived to the hospital with high speed and was quickly out of sight.
A policeofficer came over to me after the ambulance was gone.
"We might need you for some sooner investigation, so can you give us your adress please?"
"Yeah, sure," I said.

The policeofficer gave me a ride home, which I was thankfull for.
When I got into my house, I told my mother what had happened and she was a bit shocked and asked if I was alright, which I answered with a "Yes".
I told her that the police maybe wanted to talk to me again for some further investigation.
We sat up for an hour and talked about it.
When we finished our little talk, I was very tired and went to bed.

When i woke up early in the morning, I went downstairs to say goodmorning to my mother.
"Goodmorning mother," I yelled. But she did not answer, so I ran around the house to try to find her. I went outside in the frontyard, but she was not there either. Then I went to the backyard to see if my mom was there. She was. Lying on the ground the same way as the boy, I saw last night. I went over to her and checked her pulse. There was none. I started to cry and scream very loud. I ran out on the street and cried so loud, that people were looking at me, like I was some kind of an idiot. My father came home from his job, he works the nightshift, and saw me crying. He quickly ran over to me and tried to calm me down. I told him that my mother was lying dead in our backyard. My dad went over to the backyard and quickly called the police as soon as he saw it.
The police came and it was the same policeofficer as last night.
"You again? What has happened now?" he asked me.
"I.., I.., I, do not know. I just woke up."
"You do not know? Are you completely sure about that, lad?"
"Pretty sure, yes."
"It is just weird, that you also was common, when a boy got murdered last night."
"I was on my way home from a birthdayparty!"
"If you say so."

My father went with me into the house. We sat and talked about what just had happened. We want to make the best funeral for my mom. My dad told me to go to my room and catch some sleep, because it is going to be a rough week with my mothers dead and all that. Before I went to my room, I gave my dad a big, long hug. I slept for about 6 hours. When I woke up the clock was 16.00 pm.
Actually I was supposed to go to work, but after these circumstances, I got permission to stay home. I lay down in my bed for a few minutes. Then I stood up and walked downstairs, where my father was sitting with a gun.
"Dad, what are you doing with that gun?" I asked.
"You really don't know, who killed that little boy and your mother?" my dad said.
"It was you, wasn't it?" I said accusing.
"Bravo, you are really good." he said, "it was me!"
He went over to me and slapped me in the face and then he tried to strangle me. I managed to wriggle free from his strangling grip and ran outside as fast as I could. I hurried over to our neighbour and borrowed their phone to call the police. The police showed up very quickly and arrested my father.
"Good job, son." said the policeofficer, "no more murders around here."
"No, hopefully not. But now I do not have any place to live."
"Come stay with me and my wife for a while. We have never had kids in the house. It could be fun." the policeofficer said.
"Gee, thanks. I would like that very much."

The fucking end!
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