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04-07-2007 - 16:15

Transformers (på engelsk)

Ja så har jeg været inde at se Transformers. Herunder kan du læse mine kommentarer, som jeg skrev på engelsk til et andet forum. Desværre gider jeg ikke lige oversætte det, så here goes:


It was actually pretty damn good (well good as in entertaining). I'm not a transformers fan in the least, hell I didn't even know that Octimus Prime was from Transformers.

The cinematography was awesome as always with Michael Bay movies. Technically the movie is fantastic. The score was pretty good as well.

Megan Fox is just that... a fox. Hot damn.

I'm having trouble figuring out what else to say. The action was sweet, but somehow I think Die Hard 4 was a bit better in the regard, even though it didn't feature giant robots fighting. Maybe it just has to sink in a bit.

The autobots were really well done, both rendering and animation.

So in conclusion - it's very entertaining, pretty funny and quite moving at times. And Megan Fox is hot. Very hot. So it's a thumbs up!
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