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22-12-2006 - 17:38

Paying for content already on the disc

             EN ARTIKEL JEG FALDT OVER PÅ NETTET                                FRA DENNE SIDE : SAGN
   Paying for content already on the disc, the EVIL side of the Xbox Live Marketplace! 
Written by Alien-San Thursday 21 December 2006 - 16:59:47

xboxlive.jpgNeogaf member a Master Ninja has discovered that we are actually paying for certain Xbox Live Content that we already own... He has discovered that anything available for 108 KB is a "key" that unlocks content already on the DVD.

Check out the list below:

Content that you own but you are charged more! Totaling 3950 MS points or $49.38

Alaskan Adventures
Alaskan Bonus Pack 1 (100 points)
108.00 KB

Cabela's Safari
Safari Bonus Animal (150 points)
108.00 KB

Total price of all downloadable parts keys (1800 points)
The keys are 108.00 KB each

College Hoops 2K7
2K ReelMaker for College Hoops 2K7 (400 points)
108.00 KB

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
LEGO Star Wars Characters (200 points)
108.00 KB

Rapala Tournament Fishing!
California Delta Bonus Level (150 points)
108.00 KB

Samurai Warriors 2
Total price to buy horses and hire people not otherwise available (580 points)
The keys are 108.00 KB each

The Godfather
Favor Pack - 3 Favor Missions (250 points)
108.00 KB

Viva Pinata
Accessory Pack 1 (80 points)
Accessory Pack 2 (80 points)
Accessory Pack 3 (80 points)
Accessory Pack 4 (80 points)
The keys are 108.00 KB each

Things you could unlock for free if you played the game!
Total:  8120 MS points or $101.50

Need for Speed: Carbon
Total price for all the available content keys (7320 points)
The keys are 108.00 KB each

The Godfather
The Don Collection (800 points)
or if you buy each thing separately 1265 points
The keys are 108.00 KB each

FREE Downloadable Keys that unlock content ON THE DISC

Ridge Racer 6
36 different cars
The keys are 108.00 KB each

Color Pattern02, Assist parts01, Heavy arms01, Light arms02
The keys are 108.00 KB each

Dead Rising
9 different outfits
The keys are 108.00 KB each

One thing is for sure is that Microsoft are using micro transactions to receive more funds from games we already purchased. I understand new addons but why charge us for keys for objects already on our games...







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