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08-12-2006 - 23:53

Famitsu anmelder, Lost Planet

Lost Planet!

Siden Xbox 360 lanceringen i Japan har der ikke været det mest positive på den front for anmeldelsernes side. Famitsu weekly gav i sidste uge Blue Dragon den meget høje score af 37/40 (10,9,9,9). Nu er de parat med deres anmeldelse af Capcoms anden titel til Xbox 360, Lost Planet.

Lost Planet opnåede en score på hele 36/40 (9,9,9,9) i bladet. Nu kan japanerne ikke vel ikke undgå at se på Xbox 360 som en spændende konsol for det Japanske marked, faktisk er det så sjovt at Playstation 3 ikke har lanceret med en eneste rigtig japansk titel, mens at Xbox 360 bevæger sig meget frem på den front med Blue Dragon, Trusty Bell og Lost Planet.

Anmelderne have følgende at sige:

1) Cool that it feels like a big-budget sci-fi movie. You'll need to keep collecting Thermal Energy to stay alive, so you'll have to stay in the action at all times. If you find the game too hard, swallow your pride and play it on Easy mode. Playing against players from around the world looks like fun. SCORE = 9

2) Plays pretty much like an orthodox FPS game. The game balance lets you play through the game without much stress. Very inventive in that you have your human weapons and Vital Suit weapons, and you can use them all on foot. The slower movements of the hefty Vital Suits balance out their overwhelming firepower and add to the tension. SCORE = 9

3) From the realism of the snow and air in the environments to the battles that really put you in the middle of the action, this game has it all. Battles against giant enemies and robots are super-exciting. May take some people a little time to get used to the unique controls and gameplay concepts. Story plays out well, with twists and turns throughout the experience. Online multiplayer seems a bit bland, but it's fun to play nonetheless. SCORE = 9

4) Despite the weapon balancing being fine-tuned with the multiplayer in mind, the story mode truly is a blast! Battles with creatures in the extreme conditions are intense and very challenging. The bosses are big, and the pattern-recognition style of boss-conquering is very rewarding. SCORE = 9

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