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Zombie Genocider Master GUIDE

Updated to English:

With this route you will most likely end up with a 12 hours to spare. Which is the fastest way, discovered by me.
*Step 1-4 will only be useful if you do NOT have the keys to the SUV!

**1. First off, you'll need $2 million for the SUV keys. You can get this in about an hour using the 3 gambling books and the big slot machine in the Slot Ranch Casino to the left of Food Court walkway.

2. When you have $2 million, save your game then Quit > Restart Story from the pause menu and select the save file you just made.

3. Complete the 1st case (Find Katey Zombrex) then complete One Man's Trash to open the pawn shops.

4. Go to the pawn shop on the Sliver Strip (Tinkerbox) and purchase the SUV keys. Make sure you pick them up.**

5. Now, this is really important. SAVE then Quit > Restart Story like you did before.

6. Run straight to Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and grab the Driving book then get to the SUV in Shamrock Casino on the Silver Strip.

7. You should have around 4 hours before the 72 hour countdown begins, so make the most of it. Obviously, skip all scoops and case files.

8. Now drive up and down driving from Silver Strip -> Fortune Park -> Platinum Strip. Now drive back to Yucatan the opposite way that you came from. When you reach Yucatan go in and out again, and head for the SUV again. Drive the same route again and repeat like that every time. The zombies will respawn every time you go ind and out of Silver Strip.

Side Notes:

There will be 3 groups of Survivors/Psycopaths.
9:00AM 9/25:
Chad & Doris (Survivors) - Don't do anything with these survivors. Chad will be out in the open, but you will surely not have time to kill him and he doesn't kill that much zombies. Doris will be standing on the roof of the TiR Shop. Don't waste time killing her either, though zombies will not spawn around here, and that is alot of zombies. Just don't spend time driving around the World globe.

2:30PM 9/25:
Leon (Psycopath) - This dude will drive around on his Slicecycle in Fortune Park. Don't go out of your SUV trying to kill him. Just focuse on killing zombies, and if you see him/he sees you try to run him down. Eventually he will get killed and you can keep on with your zombie slaughtering.

9:00AM 9/27:
The 4 Snipers (Psycopaths) - Nothing to be worried about here. These guys are not thining out the zombies and does nothing damage to your SUV, so these guys are nothing to be worried about ;)

- Restart story after you collect the SUV keys. This will net your 4 hours to spend before entering 72 hours mode

- *Optional* I recommend to save every 10.000 or 20.000 kills to insure you don't lose anything if you game freezes, crashes etc.

UPDATED* Map showing you the route
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Last Updated: 30-01-2012
Credits:         Ibanez V7
(For parts of the step by step guide)
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