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03-02-2007 - 16:10

Felicia i Las Vegas! :D

Tyvstjålet fra et indlæg på MugenGuild, men jeg synes, at det var lidt skægt :)

Blue Wolfmage;

Ok, so what has Ahuron's Felicia been doing since she was offline forgotten?
She found a job in Las Vegas!

-Felicia: And for my next act I'll make the dissapearence trick! Cool, there's a volunteer over there!
-Dan: All right! I'll kick your furry butt and then...  confused Hey wait, what did you just say mittens?

-Felicia: Don't move jerk, it's fifty fifty; Grin
-Dan: Oh, I get, I'm not as dumb as people think you know.

-Felicia (Now don't move ass) Now people let's say the magic words!  SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICOIPSOFACTOPRESTO M-A-G-I-C-OOOO!
Let's see am I forgetting something?...
-Dan: OK Grin  Huh Huh? Hey wait, what all these candles dooing here! o_O What, It's not candles it's o_O

-Felicia: Now I remeber, I forgot to hide in a bunker Dan? Huh

-Felicia: So there you are, I got a scare! Dan? Oh no, I didn't gave you pemission to die you numbskull!... Talk to me and I'll do anything!

-Playing dead Dan:...as I said I'm not so dumb....

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