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21-06-2009 - 21:01

You can´t imagine what it feels like when a woman got a cold

This is bad! This is really really really bad!!

This morning I woke up with a fever, a soar throat, head stuffed with unrefined cotton wool and a nose that feels like it´s been cleaned on the inside with Klorin = no mucosae what so ever. In other words, I got a bad, bad cold. Poor me!!

I crawled out of bed, managed to throw a delayed Birthday-party for my daughter with some of our relatives, I even participated in some outdoor-games. Should never had done that, I feel like I´ve been runed through a stonecrusher.

So I´ve been in horisontal mode on the sofa for an hour now and been whining about how I feel. Then it strucked me! OMG!! Have I become a man?! Whining, felling poor over myself, looking for someone to feel sorry for me and for someone to do a little nursering... that´s what men do, not women. We´re the ones nursering.

But one good thing has come out of this world disaster, I did score better than ever in Lips. Good!

Now I´m gonna compose an advertisement for a male nurse/doctor/chef that can take care of me. I don´t have the strenght to put on some make up, to eat chocolate, to watch TV... I don´t even have the strenght to game anymore. Poor me! Poor poor me!!

In Sweden we got this TV-advertise about medicine for people how catch the cold. It´s a man in his never-been-washed-undershirt, with his head over a bucket of boiling water and he whines about: "You women talks about giving birth, you should now how it feels when a man has the cold". I´ve been mocking that man for some time now... Never again!! Now I totally understand what he talks about. Giving birth... Piece of cake!!!

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