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18-06-2009 - 22:45

Kid for sale

Sometimes I just don´t understand my eldest son. Quite often when I think about it actually. Anyway...

I went to the fantastic hairdresser Malin earlier today to let her cut my hair. The first time in 1.3 year, so it was about time. 50 minutes later I was really pleased with the result, Malin was also pleased, just as my two youngest and my Dad.

A couple of hours later my eldest son saw the new hairdo on a picture on FB. His first comment was (and this I just can´t translate to English): "Mamma har hockeyfrilla". Well, thanks!! =(

And then he told me it looked like the haircut that was supposed to be on a 17 year old, not his Mam and that he thought I should go and buy me some curlers, you know, those pink things old ladies got in their grey hair to be pretty when they go out and buy their Friday dinner steak.

I don´t know, is it really so bad and missplaced? Maybe I should buy me a hat instead or just shave the whole shit off?

Poor kid, maybe I shouldn´t go outside the house at all when I think about it. For a couple of years ago, he proposed that I should buy a tie blouse and corrugated shirt instead of jeans and top. I just wonder, what is it with sons and their Mams? Do they never cut their umbilical cord?!

I think he needs a girlfriend, really really bad. At least I know that I need him to have one!

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