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09-07-2009 - 18:48

This is big!

Wiooo!! Wiooo!! Wiooo!! The sirens are loud. I just found out that I got accepted to my first hand choice when it comes to education this fall. Teacher in Swedish for immigrants at the Univeristy of Uppsala. 5 1/2 years fro now I´ll graduate. I don´t think there´s someone in the whole wide world who´s happier than me right now.

I think my neightbours already have made the call for the men in the car with sirens and with a white longsleeved shirt for me, but who gives a shit a day like this?!

This calls for a salubration!!

Wiooo!! Wiooo!! Wiooo!!
30-06-2009 - 17:42

What´s wrong in the head on cheaters?!

Sometimes it´s real fun gaming, sometimes it´s less of that. Yesterday evening was one of those less moments.

Dead hot in the room, tropical night it was and I was playing Lips with two of my kids. Trying to sleep was not an option, not in that heat. Anyway...

I had a challenge to do, so... I did my very, very best but "only" got the fourth highest score in that particular song. Ok, fair enough, you can´t do better than your best, right? 4:th place and the ones on place no 1,2 and 3 had way, way, way higher score. The one on no 1 about 700 000 more. Hm... Something is odd if the score between the top 5 is more than 700 000 points. Well, maybe it was the woman who did the recording herself that sang the song, I don´t know.

The second challenge... After I finished the song I checked the highscore-list... Eh... wait a minute... Same type of song, same 3 ones in top. Checked another song with slow high long vocal notes... Same result. And another one... Yepp! Checked some other songs that was more uptempo and had short vocalnotes. Nope.

So... I got one of those guys on my friendlist and checked his friendlist. Yes, they are all friends with each other. Crystal clear!

The game has definitly lost on my ranking after yesterday. And I got explained to me how to cheat ,when it comes to impossible "Beat it" Guitar Hero World Tour. The same way you can cheat in Lips I think.

I don´t really understand the thrill in cheating. Why do you wanna be on a highscore-list if it´s not your own "handmade" result that shows? I just don´t get it. Do they have that low selfasteam? Is it instead of the p-enlargerthing elder men gets, also called sportscar? Haven´t they been pottytrained enough when they were babys?

When I saw peoples result on the webb in Colin McRae 5 and they would have to used a timemachine to get through the lane in that short time, I was so disapointed. You could count off about 20 people at least from each lane there.

There´s something WAY wrong with people who cheats and now I´m off to erase someone from my friendlist.
27-06-2009 - 12:39

The machine from Hell

Because of my daughters grand loop on her kickboard, the towntrip when I was supposed to buy a new game wasn´t on the menu. So what to do if you´re bored as hell and the games you´ve allready got doesn´t appeal to you? Well, you can always buy new songs for your favouritegame, aka Lips. And I did.

So you that´s on my friendlist, now I´ve also got "In The Shadows" by The Rasmus (great, reat band and naaa, it´s not because we´re from  the same country), "Life Is A Rollercoaster" by Ronan Keating (but that one I´m sure I won´t winn in, I get way distracted by him, can´t understand why) and the real corny "Take me home country roads" by John Denver. Bought them late last night and poor, poor neighbours. They were forced to listen to The Rasmus and me until 00.05. =)

This morning I went to a shop here in my little village and bought the machine straight from Hell. Yeah, it really is! It´s an epilator, never owned one before, never tried. OMG!!! It really really really REALLY hurts! I can´t really expalin the burning feeling when all the hair on your legs just gets ripped out. But I went through with it and now my legs are soft as a babys butt. =) Good!

Now it´s time for some more torture of the neighbours ears. Muahahaha!!!

25-06-2009 - 10:24

Payday = gameshopping =)

Yes I, payday today and I´m gonna take the train in to town with my daughter. She´s gonna shop something to play all her beloved music-cd´s in (and luckely for me, shs got a door to her room, we don´t share the taste of music) and I´m gonna look for a new game.


Hasta la vista, baby! I´ll be back...
21-06-2009 - 21:01

You can´t imagine what it feels like when a woman got a cold

This is bad! This is really really really bad!!

This morning I woke up with a fever, a soar throat, head stuffed with unrefined cotton wool and a nose that feels like it´s been cleaned on the inside with Klorin = no mucosae what so ever. In other words, I got a bad, bad cold. Poor me!!

I crawled out of bed, managed to throw a delayed Birthday-party for my daughter with some of our relatives, I even participated in some outdoor-games. Should never had done that, I feel like I´ve been runed through a stonecrusher.

So I´ve been in horisontal mode on the sofa for an hour now and been whining about how I feel. Then it strucked me! OMG!! Have I become a man?! Whining, felling poor over myself, looking for someone to feel sorry for me and for someone to do a little nursering... that´s what men do, not women. We´re the ones nursering.

But one good thing has come out of this world disaster, I did score better than ever in Lips. Good!

Now I´m gonna compose an advertisement for a male nurse/doctor/chef that can take care of me. I don´t have the strenght to put on some make up, to eat chocolate, to watch TV... I don´t even have the strenght to game anymore. Poor me! Poor poor me!!

In Sweden we got this TV-advertise about medicine for people how catch the cold. It´s a man in his never-been-washed-undershirt, with his head over a bucket of boiling water and he whines about: "You women talks about giving birth, you should now how it feels when a man has the cold". I´ve been mocking that man for some time now... Never again!! Now I totally understand what he talks about. Giving birth... Piece of cake!!!

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