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16-05-2009 - 18:16

achievement hunt

jeg mangler en skovlfuld achievements i multiplayer-delen af en række spil:

Guitar Hero 3:
Life of the Party
Search and Destroy
That's What Friends Are For
Back Up Hero
Guitar Wizard
Button Masher
Big 'Ol Pile of Wins
Dynamic Duo
Streak Masters
Millionaire Club (kan vise sig at være lidt svær for mig hehe)
Higher Than Most
Easy Duo
Medium Duo

Dark Sector:
Hero of the People

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix:
SF 20th Anniversary!
Playing To Win
Master of All Things

Duke Nukem 3d:
Gonna Rip Em' a New One
See You in Hell
Hail to the King, Baby

F.E.A.R. Files:
Cycle of F.E.A.R.
Fear the Reaper

Fearless Flagman
MP 1000  <-- marathon ftw :/
Demolitions Expert
Dead Eye
Team Victory
MP 100
Dual Machinist
Repeating Offender
PumpShotty Ownage
Trap Layer
Black Belt
Belly Gunner

Gears of War 2:
(stort set alle Horde achievements)

Resident Evil 5:
Army of One
Eye of the Tiger
The Team That Slays Together...
We Will Survive
Keep the Good Times Rolling
It Takes Two to Tango
It's All About the Points
There's no "I" in Team
Let's Get This Party Started!
Bringing the Pain

og så alle multiplayer-achievements i GTA IV.

Hvis der er nogen, der har lyst til at assistere mig i at få disse achievements, så smid en friend request eller lignende.

Skål og på forhånd tak!
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